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Lifestyle Breaks


Take some time to spend attention on yourself at our self catering cottage which is attached to our lovely 17th century farmhouse set in 3 acres of peaceful countryside. Click here to take a look at our cottage site.

In today's rushed and pressured living, paying attention to health needs sometimes gets forgotten.

Maybe you are thinking about making some lifestyle changes but not sure what to do.

We are offering  individual healthy lifestyle packages designed especially for your own needs.


Perfect for couples who want to take some time out to make changes to their eating, drinking and activity habits for improved health and wellbeing.


We offer 3 or 7 day lifestyle breaks.        


Make the right food choices  with advice and guidance for choosing and making

lifestyle changes, try out  some new relaxation therapies.


Do you have health issues such as:


 high blood pressure

 raised cholesterol levels

 wanting to lose some weight

 just not feeling very good

 stressed and under pressure

 do you just need some time out to take stock of your life


       We can offer:

  • diet and nutrition consultations for understanding your own eating habits
  • guidance for making small changes which will help you feel and look better
  • ideas to design your own eating plan that will fit in with how you live your life
  • help with making the right food choices when shopping
  • advice and tuition for simple cooking techniques
  • expertise in helping people to make sense of their lives
  • time and opportunity to try out new ways for you to  experience the world


We offer 3 or 7 day lifestyle breaks. 

 Email or ring us to discuss your individual plan and price.


  Helping you achieve dietary change to improve your health and well being