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Following discussion with you I provide training that is tailored to meet your needs.


 Training is planned to suit individual needs, sessions are interactive and designed to suit all  

 learning styles.


 Topics include:  

  • Healthy lifestyles, healthy eating & weight  management
  • Diabetes 
  • Nutrition and health for older people
  • How to provide good nutrition in residential care including for people with dementia

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 Nourishing Older People in residential care and in the community

 As life expectancy increases and the numbers of older people in residential care rises, the 

 importance of providing good nourishment to maintain good health and improved quality of life

 has never been so important.


 The physical and mental health of residents in care homes is dependant on the knowledge and

 skills of the managers, the cooks and care staff.

 Providing good nourishment for residents which will include those with diabetes, poor

 appetites, swallowing difficulties and others needing variations in their nutritional

 requirements is a highly skilled task.

 Regular training for managers, catering and care staff will contribute to adequate nutritional

 standards and the well being of residents.

 Feeding people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias is a skilled task. The attention to

 nutrition and the behaviours affecting eating and drinking is crucial in encouraging people with

 dementia to eat well, maintain physical health and enhance their quality of life.


 I can offer training that will:

  • Improve knowledge and skills so that staff can offer a better service to the residents.
  • Promote good nutrition to residents and enhance their quality of life.
  • Enable care staff to put nutrition screening into practice



 More employers are actively encouraging good health and creating a healthy environment at

 work because they know that the rewards  to both employers and employees include:


  • Improved morale
  • Less lost work days
  • A healthier, fitter and happier workforce
  • Improved performance and productivity

 I can offer:

    Workshops for all staff including managers, employees and catering staff which explore

  the need for change and find a way forward for taking small simple steps to fitter, healthier

  lifestyles and workforce.


Contact me to discuss your needs

Helping you achieve dietary change to improve your health and well being